By Erin Levi

Thirty years since his passing, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the spiritual leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, continues to inspire and impact lives worldwide. Despite never having met the Rebbe in person, individuals like Chagit Leviev, CEO and a prominent Bukharian Jewish figure, have experienced profound blessings attributed to his spiritual guidance. Recently, Leviev took to social media to share two heartfelt stories detailing how the Rebbe’s teachings and influence have touched and blessed her life.

The Rebbe’s Dollar

Though she never had the opportunity to meet the Rebbe while he was alive, Leviev expressed her hope of receiving a dollar bill from him, a tradition where the Rebbe would distribute dollars and blessings each Sunday, encouraging recipients to give the dollar to charity. A few years ago, through a friend, Leviev finally received a dollar blessed by the Rebbe, framed it, and displayed it prominently in her Madison Avenue office. Her friend shared that the Rebbe blessed him with good luck via that dollar, literally with the inscription, “Good Luck.”
“I was very excited to get that dollar,” she said.
One day, she was approached by an organization in New York asking her to speak at one of their women’s galas.
“I was very hesitant about not only accepting the award but speaking in English in front of so many women,” she said. “Nervous, I went to the Rebbe to get a blessing and I decided to accept. The day before the event, I was in my office preparing my speech till late at night. The next morning, I was the first one to enter the office. I walked into my room and felt like something was different. I felt like someone was in my room.”
That’s when she saw the dollar. It had fallen down onto the chair. When she picked up the dollar, on the day of her big speaking event, she noticed again the words, “Good Luck,” and realized it was a direct message from the Rebbe himself.
This unexpected sign from the Rebbe inspired and empowered her, marking the beginning of her journey speaking at women’s events.

Meeting the Israeli Ambassador to the UN

On Tuesday, Leviev shared another poignant anecdote with her social media followers. Reflecting on a visit to the Rebbe’s resting place (the Ohel) for guidance, she boldly requested a specific sign regarding a personal matter. Remarkably, within 48 hours, Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, unexpectedly called her with the exact answer she sought. This serendipitous connection, orchestrated by what she believes to be the Rebbe’s guidance, has since blossomed into a meaningful friendship and inspiration.
“Full circle moment! What if I told you that my meeting with our fierce ambassador to the UN @gilad.erdanwas orchestrated by none other than the Lubavitcher Rebbe?
A year ago, I sought the Rebbe’s guidance at the Ohel for a personal matter. As I read my letter, I boldly asked for a very specific sign between A and B. In hindsight, I worried that my directness might leave me unanswered, as my requested sign seemed unrealistic.
But then it happened—48 hours later, to be exact. Out of all people in the world, the Rebbe sent @gilad.erdan Israel’s dedicated ambassador to the UN, to call me with the answer. I was in complete shock. I never expected such a clear response, especially not directly from the ambassador, whom I’d only met once briefly at a formal event. Gilad has since become an inspiration to know and a friend.
I’m not a believer in coincidences. I felt the Rebbe’s connection and guidance when I needed it most. Though I’ve never shared this personal story before, here we are, meeting yesterday on our rooftop. ‘Coincidentally,’ on the eve of Gimmel Tamuz, marking the 30th yahrzeit of the Rebbe’s passing—a poignant reminder of the Rebbe’s ongoing care and blessing in our lives!”
As we mark this significant milestone in the Rebbe’s legacy, Leviev’s anecdotes serve as poignant reminders of the enduring power of his teachings and the personal connections forged across generations.