By Hay Davidov

Over the past two months, my brother Ronen Davidov and I have been putting on shows and performances for soldiers and for people who evacuated their houses for hotels in the center of Israel. Very often, we are performing for them in the hotels.
In this picture, we organized a special evening for soldiers who had a few hours of reprieve from Gaza during the fighting. We made a stand-up comedy show for them. Then, we organized a nice dinner with a lot of meat. The soldiers are from Israeli intelligence and fighters from the Nahal and Duvdevan units. They are the hardest and biggest fighters in our army. It was a big honor for us to perform for them and make them happy.

When we served in the army (IDF), my brother Ronen and I used to be actors, so it reminded me of a long time ago when we were performing for soldiers. It’s a big pleasure, and I hope they were happy and laughing before going back to Gaza to continue fighting. I hope they all come back soon, and we win the war.
Soon, we are coming to New York with our new show called “Am Israel Hay and Ronen”. We’ll see you soon in February at Queens Theatre.