By Erin Levi

Recently, Bukharian Jewish Community Center Director Yosef Khaimov presented the 112th Precinct with kosher pizzas as a show of thanks for their support in safeguarding the BJCC.
He says, «The Bukharian Jewish Community Center extends heartfelt gratitude to Captain David Cordano, Police Public Affairs Officer Desantis, Officer Tuonet, and the entire 112 Precinct team. We express our deepest appreciation for their unwavering commitment and outstanding performance, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays during Shabbat and BJCC funeral transfers. Their dedicated efforts in guarding and patrolling our synagogue have been exemplary.
We sincerely thank them for consistently executing their duties with professionalism and maintaining a reassuring presence. Our expansive community wishes to convey our profound gratitude for their service and utmost respect for law enforcement. Thank you immensely for being there for us.»