By Erin Levi

On February 19, Leviev Group USA CEO and President Chagit Leviev Sofiev shared a harrowing account of an attempted break-in at her New York City home with her 55k Instagram followers.
«Had a very eventful day with these 2 intruders trying to break into our home in broad daylight,» the philanthropist began, sharing a photo of two black men, walking around her property, their hands tucked into coat pockets. The next image was of one of the suspects in a striped hooded coat, approaching a side door by her snow-covered pool. The next shot was from the inside of the kitchen, with the other suspect looking in through the glass door while the nanny was inside doing dishes.
«Little did they know…my nanny and baby were right there…» continued Chagit. The nanny acted quickly, calling Chagit, who immediately called 911. She then sent a WhatsApp message to her community watch group, warning them of the would-be burglars. «These two guys tried breaking into my house now I called the police – please be on the lookout NOW!!!»
Thankfully, the burglars were caught and arrested by the NYPD «within minutes.» An image was shared of the arrest happening on the city streets, after the suspects left the Leviev Sofiev home. Chagit thanked the NYPD and the community for their «amazing and quick teamwork.»