By Erin Levi

FLUSHING, NY—In the wake of the legal dispute surrounding Mt. Carmel Cemetery, the All Bukharian Community Network (ABCN) has released a statement addressing the significance of the Kaykov case and its commitment to a measured response.
In a press release shared with the Bukharian Times on Wednesday, ABCN acknowledged the importance of the lawsuit initiated by the family of Mikhail Kaykov, involving concerns about the cemetery’s maintenance and burial practices. The lawsuit was filed in March 2023 by media mogul Roman Kaykov against the Mount Carmel Cemetery Association following the collapse of his grandfather Mikhail’s grave.
ABCN emphasized its commitment to refraining from making assumptions or calls to action until the legal proceedings are concluded. The organization, known for its dedication to providing support to the community, remains steadfast in prioritizing the well-being of those directly involved in the case.
«Our focus remains on providing support to our community and those directly involved in this case,» stated the press release, drafted by Melanie Rauch, highlighting ABCN’s dedication to offering assistance during what could be a challenging time for the affected families and the broader community.
Mt. Carmel Cemetery, a historic landmark in the Jewish community, is currently under scrutiny due to an incident on December 2, 2022, involving the collapse of Mikhail Kaykov’s grave during the preparation of an adjacent family plot for Grigoriy Kaykov, son of Mikhail and father of Roman. The Kaykov family’s lawsuit alleges that the cemetery’s operational methods, particularly the use of heavy machinery instead of traditional hand-digging practices, may not align with the cemetery’s stated protocols, state regulations, and the respectful observance of Jewish burial customs.
«The legal filing includes findings from RV Engineers, PC, engaged by the Kaykov family to assess soil and structural conditions around the affected gravesite. The lawsuit contends that the cemetery’s management was aware of potential issues related to their operational methods but did not take corrective action,» according to the press release.

The outcome of the legal process, currently pending review, is expected to provide further clarity on the allegations and potentially shape the future practices of Mt. Carmel Cemetery. The cemetery, established in 1906, is a resting place for over 85,000 individuals and holds a distinguished place in New York’s Jewish history.
As the community awaits the resolution of this legal matter, ABCN stands as a supportive force, underscoring the importance of a fair and just outcome for all parties involved. The network’s stance reflects a commitment to the well-being of the community and a recognition of the broader implications of this case on the historical significance of Mt. Carmel Cemetery.