By Erin Levi

An event titled «Remembrance of Khojaly: A Tribute through Music and Art» was held at the Turkish House in New York City on Monday evening, dedicated to the victims of the Khojaly genocide. Representatives of various communities, including the Gorkha-Jewish and Bukharian-Jewish communities of New York, actively participated in the event, showing solidarity in the 32nd anniversary of this tragedy.
Notable attendees from the Gorkha-Jewish and Bukharian-Jewish communities included Cultural Center of Caucasian Jews President Yakov Abramov and Board Member Asaf Israilov. Additionally, Rafael Nektalov, Coordinator of the Congress of Bukharian Jews of the USA and Canada and editor-in-chief of The Bukharian Times, along with the renowned businessman and philanthropist Edward Yusupov, were present. Actors from the Israeli theater «Handa-Handa,» Hay and Ronen Davidov, also took part in the commemorative event.
The gathering, organized with the support of the State Committee on Diaspora Affairs, the Alliance of American Azerbaijani Organizations, and the «My Way» Children and Youth Development Center, witnessed the playing of the National Anthems of Azerbaijan and the United States. A minute of silence was observed to honor the memory of the Khojaly genocide victims.
Hosted by Azerbaijani student Leyla Aslanova, the event provided detailed information about the Khojaly genocide committed by Armenian forces against the Azerbaijani people, which tragically saw a staggering 613 Azerbaijani civilians dead from a 2-hour Armenian offensive. Yashar Aliyev, the Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan to the UN, remarked on the significance of February 26 in the nation’s history.

Selhat Abbasova, head of the Diaspora Affairs Committee, expressed confidence in justice prevailing after the liberation of Khojaly from occupation and hoped for the city’s revival with the warmth of Azerbaijanis after restoration.
Jamila Mammadova, press secretary of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the United States, emphasized the heinous nature of the Khojaly genocide and underscored the importance of justice for the Azerbaijani people.
Minavvar Vahabova, the head of the Alliance of American Azerbaijani Organizations, highlighted ongoing efforts to inform the international community about the tragedy, especially the inhumane atrocities against children.
The event also featured the screening of the short film «History of Azerbaijan» dedicated to the Khojaly genocide, produced by ELTV media group in collaboration with the «Vatan» Azerbaijan Art and Culture Center.
In the artistic segment, Shabnam Huseyn, a compatriot living in the USA and a soloist of the Dresden Symphony Orchestra, performed a concert program titled «Dedication to the Memory of Khojaly Genocide Martyrs,» featuring works by Azerbaijani and classical composers.
The program included the participation of four Azerbaijani artists residing in the United States, showcasing works such as a composition by painter Chingiz Mahir Musayev titled «Khojaly» and a statue dedicated to the victims of Khojaly by sculptor-artist Emin Guliyev.
The event concluded with a statement from Hay Davidov of the Israeli theater «Handa-Handa,» expressing his deep connection to Azerbaijan and his awareness of the tragic events, stating, «I often visit Azerbaijan, I bring tourist groups, and the guides tell us about this terrible tragedy.»