Prestigious Forum Seeks Participants

By Erin Levi

The 2nd Maqom Art International Forum, held every two years by Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Culture, is set to take place in Zomin city, Jizzakh region, on June 27-28, 2024. This prestigious event serves as a platform to celebrate and promote «maqamat,» a rare and treasured genre of classical Eastern music.
Founded in 2018, the forum offers a multifaceted experience for participants and attendees alike. Scholars and researchers can engage in a dedicated scientific-practical conference focused on the development and future of maqom art. Aspiring and established maqamat performers, including ensembles, singers, and instrumentalists, have the opportunity to compete for recognition and cash prizes. Additionally, the forum features solo concerts showcasing the virtuosity of renowned maqamat masters from Uzbekistan and across the globe.
Participation in the forum is open to a variety of individuals with a passion for maqamat. Music bands of up to seven members specializing in this art form are welcome, along with solo singers and instrumentalists who dedicate their talents to maqamat. Musician-scientists who bridge the gap between performance and scholarship are encouraged to apply. Professionals working in the cultural sphere, such as festival directors and music managers, can also participate. Journalists interested in covering this unique event are likewise invited.
The forum extends a special invitation to esteemed figures in the world of maqamat. Renowned music scientists, artists, and creative teams who have made significant contributions to the art form are highly encouraged to attend. Additionally, composers who create new works within the maqamat tradition and specialists who dedicate their careers to studying and preserving this art form are welcome to participate.
Those interested in being part of this exciting event should submit a completed application form along with their performance materials and programs by May 20th, 2024. All application materials can be submitted electronically. The forum organizers will then announce the list of selected participants by June 1st.
Financial support is available for participants. The forum covers internal expenses within Uzbekistan, including meals, accommodation, and local transportation. Recognizing the potential challenges of international travel, the organizers may also consider providing assistance with covering the cost of flights to Uzbekistan.
A highlight of the forum is the competition, where a prestigious international jury of seven members will evaluate participants’ performances based on key criteria. Originality, artistic merit, and the performers’ skill in conveying the essence of maqamat will all be taken into account. Winners of the competition will be awarded not only with cash prizes ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 US and statuettes but also with diplomas, a mark of their achievement.
Furthermore, the forum recognizes and encourages emerging talent and those who contribute significantly to the preservation and advancement of maqamat art. Special awards will be presented in various categories, acknowledging «Professional Maqom Singer,» «Professional Maqom Instrumentalists,» and other dedicated individuals.
The forum organizers hold the rights to broadcast and transmit participants’ performances, allowing a wider audience to experience the beauty of maqamat. Additionally, they may create and distribute audio, video, print, and other media content related to the forum, ensuring a lasting record of this important cultural event.
For more information and to apply, contact: