By Erin Levi

A young Bukharian Jewish man from Queens found himself in a real-life action movie after his first date took a dangerous turn. Joseph Sadykov, 23, and his date were targeted by carjackers who stole his expensive BMW M5. But, according to the New York Post, Joseph wouldn’t give up without a fight.
After a romantic evening at a Midtown restaurant, Joseph and his date decided to «take a little nap» in his car to sleep off his drinks before heading home. Unfortunately, they fell asleep and became easy targets for thieves. The carjackers, described as speaking Spanish and wearing masks, threatened Joseph with a gun and stole his jewelry.
«I was on my knees when I got pistol-whipped in the head, in the back of the head twice and top of the head once,» he said. «I’m a big boy, but yeah, I got some bumps on my head.»
Meanwhile, his date fled, seeking refuge in a nearby bakery.
Then they tried to steal his prized BMW, a nearly $150,000 M5 Competition.
«I thought they were going to drive off in the piece-of-s–t car they came in and that’s it, my night is good, but that’s not how it worked out,» he said. «Then one guy jumped in my car. At that point I was like, ‘OK, now this is for real.’
Luckily, Joseph’s car had a GPS tracker. He quickly alerted the police and joined them in a high-speed chase through the Bronx, just like a scene from Grand Theft Auto:
«It felt like I was in ‘GTA,’ man,» Joseph told the New York Post. «I was literally NYPD for one night. I was searching and hunting and we found those motherf–kers, man.»
The chase ended with the suspect abandoning the car on the Major Deegan Expressway and escaping on foot.
«He bounced,» Sadykov told The Post. «When I saw him start running, guess what I did? Me and the cops all started running after him.
While frustrated the thief got away, Joseph expressed his appreciation for the NYPD officers who helped him.
«The two cops I was with the whole time, those two officers really, really took it upon themselves to make sure we got that s–t done,» Joseph told the New York Post.
This harrowing experience left Joseph with a ne wfound respect for law enforcement and a strong opinion on physical fitness for police officers.
Despite the scary encounter, Joseph seems optimistic about his future. He believes his date, who broke a nail during the ordeal, will be up for a second date, maybe as early as Thursday.
«The girl’s a trouper,» he said. «She’s banged up, but I sent her some money to get her nails fixed.»